Austin Pugh

From beginner athletes to even the most seasoned Olympic weightlifters, head coach Dylan Scott, can provide great training programs and coaching for all who aspire to push their lifting to the next level. With a resume that can back it up, KY-state Champ and Russian trained coach Dylan Scott provides a wide range of knowledge for all lifters as well as a fun, but focused training session. I’ve had a great experience with his programming that offered dynamic movements and accessory work to really build on your full-lift movements and produces fast results. With this programming I was able to take first-place in my very first weightlifting meet and all of the credit comes from the programming and coaching provided by Backwoods Kentucky Barbell. I highly recommend giving Backwoods Kentucky Barbell a try if you are wanting to push your Olympic weightlifting over the top.



Jordan Caravona

Backwoods Barbell has been coaching me for about seven months in olympic weightlifting. Previously, I had done Crossfit for about two years and I lacked tremendous amount of skill in my lifts. At the beginning, Coach Dylan helped me break down the movements and cracked down on my bad habits. Through his dedication, knowledge, and great positive attitude, I was able to improve my Crossfit open score 1,500 places and set personal records in ALL lifts in three months. I highly recommend Backwoods Barbell for any crossfitter trying to get more fit, or any novice and professional olympic weightlifter trying to get stronger.jordan

Erik Thomas

Backwoods Barbell has been there for me since day 1. Starting in 2014 teaching me the basics of Olympic Weightlifting. In 4 years I’ve increased my total over 70kg due to Coach Dylan’s dynamic programming and coaching. His programming was also a huge reason I was able to compete at the Crossfit Games Regionals in 2018. There isn’t a better coach in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. He cares about everyone of his athletes and would do anything to help his athletes achiever their goals.


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