Backwoods Barbell started in 2015 with Dylan and Alex just lifting a few days a week in Dylan’s garage located in Hebron, KY. Within a few weeks more and more people wanted to come lift in the garage with Dylan and Alex. On Saturday mornings it wasn’t odd to have 6 or more people crammed onto one platform, then after Dylan would run to the store and grill up some grub for everyone. The garage was dirty, dark and cold but this never stopped people from wanting to come in. This is where we got the name “Backwoods Barbell” from. Dylan’s house was out in the country with nothing but a platform some weights and a single squat rack but most importantly two guys that just wanted to help people in the sport of weightlifting. We love our grassroots and who we are. Fast forward a few years and Backwoods Barbell has helped weightlifters from all ranges. We have helped brand new athletes, regional crossfitters, masters, national level lifters and international level lifters.

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