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Dylan Scott

Dylan started his fitness journey by being a firefighter and wanting to be able to be as healthy as possible for his job. Dylan started Crossfit to help become a better firefighter and later became a trainer at Crossfit Northern Kentucky. Soon after Dylan realized that the Olympic Lifts in Crossfit is what he loved and made the switch to weightlifting full time. Since then he has been able to grow as a coach and as an athlete. Dylan was able to go to Russia for over 2 weeks and train with Dmirty Klokov, Dmirty Berestov and Dmitry Lapikov. Dylan has also been lucky enough to spend time with many other top USA National coaches. Dylan has won Kentucky State Championships with also holding the state record in Snatch, Clean and Jerk and Total, and has also qualified for national level meets. With Dylan’s wide range of experience he is able to help you achieve your goals.

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Alex Smith

Alex has been in the fitness industry for over 10+ years. Alex began weight training¬† when he was in high school as a wrestler. After high school Alex went to further his education by obtaining his Associates Degree in Health and Fitness. Before Backwoods Kentucky Barbell Alex taught personal training class, group fitness and Crossfit. During this time Alex also was training as a professional MMA fighter. Alex had always used the olympic lifts in his training and knew the benefit in the lifts. Alex meet Coach Dylan and they started training for the sport of weightlifting together. Since then Alex has been able to coach weightlifting with Backwoods Kentucky Barbell and become a well rounded coach and athlete. Alex is also the head coach of a local high school wrestling team. With Alex’s wide range of knowledge he is a top level coach.

USAW Sports Performance Coach

Cincinnati State: Associates Degree – Health and Fitness